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Epoxy Grout for Bathrooms

Posted on 24 January, 2017 by Kenton Birnbaum
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Epoxy Grout for Bathrooms

What is epoxy grout and how can you use it in your bathroom alterations and repair work?

Epoxy grout is a type of adhesive-like substance that is water resistant and manufactured from special materials like resins and fillers to help it work as a sealing adhesive. It’s commonly used because of its advantages being tough, stain resistant and excellent. Ever since it’s development, grout served the purpose of filling spaces between tiles and it remains a number one choice for home renovation and décor purposes.

Due to its versatility, contractors often make use of epoxy grout for tiles and areas that will endure moisture and damp situations such as the bathroom. Waterproof epoxy grout for your bathroom is long lasting and wet conditions are simply hard to match its effective bonding power.

Regular vs epoxy grout

Epoxy grout

•       No need for sealant

•       Epoxy dries fast and any residue after the application will have to be removed using special chemicals 

•       Is highly stain resistant and need less elbow grease to clean

Regular grout

•        Regular grout haze is easy to clean with the simple use of household products like vinegar and water

•       Regular grout is porous like cement grout and needs a sealant

 •      It needs proper cleaning and is prone to being stained by dirt and grime

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